Orion Health at

HINZ 2023


27-30 November 2023 

Claudelands Events Center, Hamilton
New Zealand

Improving the healthcare experience for all

What if we could reimagine the way we deliver care?

Healthcare is mired in siloed applications and data sets. Against a backdrop of escalating healthcare costs, is the only solution to invest more in technology in the hope of solving an escalating healthcare and wellness crisis?

What if healthcare outcomes and well-being could be accelerated from a platform that makes trusted data available with intelligence and insights – empowering people and users with the tools they need? And what if this lowered the cost of healthcare?

Our Unified Healthcare Platform, made up of the Amadeus Digital Care Record, Virtuoso Digital Front Door, and Orchestral Health Intelligence Platform, is world leading technology that unifies data across care settings. 

To learn more, find our team at HINZ 2023 or set up a time to talk with one of our experts below. 

Breakfast session

The future of patient engagement

We are excited to invite you to an exclusive breakfast session at HINZ Digital Health Week 2023 as we delve into Disrupting Healthtech, exploring Canada’s innovative approach to reimagining the Clinician and Patient Experience. The breakfast will feature information about the similarities between the New Zealand and Canadian health systems and how we often look to them for the art of the possible.
Join us to discuss how two large provinces in Canada delivers:

  •  A seamless exchange of health data among province wide healthcare provider
  • Reduces healthcare disparities across its diverse population
  • Reduces “Emergency Department” presentations
  • Access to the right information at the right time
  • Relieves overburdened healthcare staff and
  • Improves health equity and system access

Get in touch with the team for an invite!

Wednesday November 29th, 7:30 – 8:30am

Hear from the Orion Health team

Speaker session

Grit - The hidden gem to success

Moving from paper to a fully digital care record is a mammoth undertaking
for any hospital or health service and requires passion and perseverance
to enable the transformational change needed.
Clinical Director Carey Campbell will share her recent experience as the clinical lead for a hospital network’s quest for a paperless patient record – the highs, the lows and the great fun had on the way!

Wednesday 29th, 11.05am, Room 7

Speaker session

Enabling personalised self-care at home with Digital Front Door

Mirza BaigSenior Solution Specialist presents with Norma Nehren, Te Hiku Hauora on enabling personalised self-care at home with Digital Front Door – Co-design approach with Clinicians and end-users. 

Wednesday 29th, 11.45am, Room 8

Speaker session

Saving paper? Improving lives?

Digital care records provide significant safety, quality and risk benefits to
patients, clinicians and organisations as well as setting the foundation for
improving broader population health outcomes and enabling precision

Clinical Director, Carey Campbell will outline the importance of including the less tangible benefits of digital care records in decision-making and business cases.

Wednesday 29th, 1.45 pm, Room 7

Speaker session

Panel: Lived Experience

Orion Health founder and Director, Ian McCrae joins panelists Rukingi Huapapa, Sally Britnell, and Virgina Mitchell to discuss their lived experiences. 

Thursday 30th, 9:15 am, Room 1

Speaker session

Unveiling the power of large language models in healthcare

Yaniv GalMachine Learning Tech Lead will present an introduction to Large Language models in Healthcare, including the LLM landscape, how LLMs work, what a typical LLM-based application development looks like and the pitfalls to watch for when working with LLMs.

Thursday 30th, 1.35 pm, Room 2

Speaker session

Unlock the power of health data to improve the care experience for all

Presented by Niru Rajakumar, VP Asia Pacific at Orion Health. 

Thursday 30th, 2.35 pm, Room 1

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