Australian health and care professionals are often time poor and subject to cognitive overload. Gathering the right patient information in time to make the right treatment decision can be a challenge, especially when it involves access into multiple health systems, various clinical documents, phone calls and faxes. This is where a Health Information Exchange (HIE) comes in. 

What is an HIE and why do you need it?

In today’s health system arena, health professionals are faced with a constant influx of data. Whether it is the latest medical information, recent outbreaks, new treatments, vaccine development and the need for increasing levels of patient tracking and documentation. Healthcare professionals are overwhelmed with not only volumes, but different types of data.

An HIE can make health data smart and meaningful, so it unburdens clinicians of time-consuming tasks and gives them more time with the patient.

An HIE is a platform that integrates an Australian’s health and care data from disparate systems across a geography into a single view. By pulling data from both traditional and non-traditional sources, clinicians and caregivers have a comprehensive view of their patient to make the best possible decisions at the point of care. An HIE is critical to enabling a more connected, safe and integrated care across the Australian public health network. 

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A full HIE solution - a platform for advanced population health

Orion Health’s population health management solution, Amadeus is the world’s #1 health information platform. 

Amadeus supports FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs to aggregate all types of health data from across multiple systems, devices and organisations to improve the delivery of healthcare. By combining all relevant information about an individual, and applying our intelligent tools such as machine learning and AI, it gives you the power to predict outcomes more accurately than ever before. Healthcare professionals can utilise these predictions to deliver more personalised care tailored perfectly to every individual. 

This fully integrated system securely enables safe transitions in care to support Australians in their journey across health settings and providers. This scalable platform reduces duplication, saves valuable clinician time and improves patient safety through faster, more accurate and efficient sharing of clinical information.

Healthcare providers can achieve greater clinical efficiency, safer transitions of care, improved patient experience and deliver better health outcomes. 

Benefits of an HIE

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