Australian health care professionals are time poor and subject to cognitive overload. Gathering the right patient information in time to make the right treatment decision can be a challenge, especially when it involves access into multiple health systems, various clinical documents, phone calls and faxes. This is where Integrated Digital Care Records (IDCRs) are game changing.

What is an IDCR and why do you need it?

An IDCR is a system that integrates an Australian citizen’s health and care data from disparate systems across a geography into a single view.

By pulling data from both traditional and non-traditional sources, clinicians and caregivers have a comprehensive view of their patient to make the best possible decisions at the point of care. It’s much more than a clinical viewer, as you have both read/write capabilities and the opportunity to collaborate with other healthcare providers.

Our IDCRs are across public, private health, aged care and specialist care such as cancer screening and correctional services.

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Interested in learning more about how Orion Health can help you with integrating your shared care records?

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