When a partnership in healthcare technology works, the benefits are huge. We've been working closely with Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information's (NLCHI) on their provincial electronic health record initiative, HEALTHe NL, and have been able to experience firsthand why healthcare technology solutions work when they're effectively in place.

In January, we announced the addition of the HEALTHe NL Viewer, powered by our Clinical Portal to continue building out a system that ultimately improves quality of care and creates healthier populations.

Since coming on board as an EHR provider in 2012, we've been working closely with the province towards building an effective, patient-centric system to improve the quality of care and make healthcare professionals' lives easier. By rolling out the HEALTHe NL Viewer, we are continuing to work towards this goal in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Orion Health solution that has been delivered to NLCHI as part of its HEALTHe NL initiative is made of three core products:

1. Clinical Portal

An EHR Desktop Viewer that provides a single point of access to view patient information using a secure web-based clinician portal;

2. Clinical Data Repository

This enables the creation and maintenance of a secure, single patient record that can be securely accessed and updated by hospital clinicians, administrators and authorised external users and;

3. Rhapsody Integration Engine

Integrates existing information systems within a region and connects to other regional networks and private laboratories.

The new Viewer enables more healthcare professionals to access medication profiles and see more complete patient information when needed, improving the quality of care.

As a result, the quality of health information is enhanced and can support timely and more informed decision-making across the system.

As we continue to move forward, the HEALTHe NL Viewer will start to include other relevant clinical information and records pulled in from other EHR systems, providing an even more complete offering of patient information at the click of a button.

We've always known our technology has what it takes to make the province's population healthier, and as we work with Newfoundland and Labrador to provide one of the leading fully functional EHR environments in Canada, we can further prove what full integrated environments have the power do to for patients.