The VINMEC Hospital Network came into existence in 2012 after the leading multi-industry business group in Vietnam, Vingroup, commissioned the development of a network of 10 hospitals across the country, and the creation of the VINMEC University of Medicine.

The Customer

With its leading faculty of doctors and experts from Vietnam and overseas, VINMEC International Hospital aspires to be the leading hospital in Vietnam for patient safety and quality management.

With over 600 inpatient beds, VINMEC International Hospital has comprehensive and professional healthcare services and state-of-the-art medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

In April 2015, VINMEC Hospital Network’s first operational hosptial, VINMEC Hanoi, became the first general hospital in Vietnam to achieve JCI accreditation, the world’s most prestigious accrediting body for international healthcare organisations.

The Challenge

VINMEC’s goal was to establish a single platform where patient and administrative information could be accessed across its multiple sites as it continues to expand its presence in Vietnam. A shared platform would increase the efficiency of clinical care and administrative tasks across the VINMEC network, ensuring that hospitals operating under its umbrella could coordinate and communicate effectively for the patient’s benefit.

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