Orion Health Awarded Defense Healthcare Management System Modernisation Program Subcontract

Boston, MA, October 06, 2015—As a team member for the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health, Orion Health™ is pleased to be part of the team that has been awarded a contract by the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide an electronic health record (EHR) off-the-shelf solution, integration activities and deployment across the Military Health System. The contract, known as the Defense Healthcare Management System Modernisation (DHMSM), is an initiative designed to modernise the military's healthcare system in a meaningful way, enabling patients and clinicians to capture and share health data that can improve the continuity and quality of care for those who serve and have served our country and their families.

Modernising the medical records of the millions of service members and their families is vitally important to DoD and our nation. DHMSM will continue the DoD's leadership in utilizing the best healthcare technology, and can help improve medical outcomes and support the medical readiness of the U.S. military.

“Orion Health is proud to be part of the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health, the team that has been selected as the best value solution for the DHMSM contract,” said Paul Viskovich, President, Orion Health. “Together, our qualified and experienced team is working with the Department of Defense to deliver a world class interoperable electronic health records solution for our nation's armed forces, their families and beneficiaries. We look forward to the work ahead and are committed to improving access to comprehensive healthcare data in order to facilitate improved clinical outcomes for our deserving men and women in uniform.”

The DoD has selected Orion Health's Rhapsody Integration Engine®, which is designed for rapid interoperability between healthcare IT systems, regardless of technology or standards. Rhapsody will provide the required link between the DoD's Cerner EHR system and the civilian facilities that provide care to over 50 percent of military personnel. Through continuous innovation, Rhapsody provides a comprehensive set of tools to simplify complex healthcare interoperability, and is the first integration engine to implement the new HL7® FHIR® standard.

Rhapsody is used by thousands of organisations in the United States and around the world, including hospitals, IDNs, software companies, public health agencies, health information exchanges (HIE), health plans and financial clearinghouses. The integration engine provides comprehensive support for an extensive range of communication protocols and message formats, and helps interface analysts and hospital IT administrators reduce their workload while meeting the complex technical challenges associated with making healthcare data accessible to all stakeholders.

Media Contact:

Karen Ewing
Orion Health