The development and growth of Precision Driven Healthcare (PDH) holds great potential to improve the health of all New Zealanders as well as the way in which health care is delivered in this country.

In November 2016 we sought the opinions of 25 clinicians and health experts from around the country as to where they saw PDH research having the most utility and potential impact in the clinical setting. The aim was to identify which areas, under the broad umbrella of PDH, we should be investing in research, from the perspective of some of our leading health providers.

Research into new data sources, machine learning, ways to utilise data meaningfully at point of care and improve efficiencies in service provision, and the advancement of patient centred care through self management technologies and applications, can impact on all aspects of healthcare - from screening at a population level, to precision diagnosis, optimal treatment and illness risk prediction and preventative care for an individual.

Read the report to find out priority population subgroups, priority condition groups, PDH research opportunities in provider settings and insights on how to maximise the likely benefits of the PDH research funding.