Benefits of Orion Health Intelligence Services

As the volume and variety of data continues to increase, healthcare organisations are seeing the value in identifying patterns and extracting valuable insights from their data.  

Orion Health is leading ground-breaking research in machine learning, exploring applications of data science to minimise waste, reduce operating costs and help clinicians make more accurate decisions at the point of care.  

Our leading team of data scientists and machine learning experts can help your organisation target population health and precision medicine opportunities through the intelligent use of data.  

The team is currently focused on urgently supporting COVID-19 response efforts, including data science and epidemic modelling through Orion Health Intelligence Services and use of our technology solutions.  


Our team works with you to 


  • Develop your data strategy 
  • Assess analytics maturity and identify where to build capability 
  • Deliver meaningful data science outcomes 
  • Integrate and scale machine learning to use smart tools and calculators, predictive outcome models and natural language processing.

Interested in learning more about how our Data Consulting services [Orion Health Intelligence Services] can unlock real value for your business?