Orion Health has been closely monitoring the global COVID-19 health situation, and we are working with our global clients to support their emergency response to the challenges of identifying at-risk cohorts, monitoring the infected and managing those with specific care requirements.  

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to rise, Orion Health will support our customers with solutions that allow patients to be monitored at home using a range of tools, such as remote monitoring, in order to alleviate demand on the healthcare system. We will also have a number of new enhancements for the management of outbreaks of disease available over the next few weeks that we will continue to update you on. These software solutions will be offered at no cost to existing and future customers. 

We are currently working with customers in all phases of the pandemic curve, including French, United Kingdom and New Zealand-based clients, to optimise their existing solutions to cope with the expected demand. At the same time, we are developing a dedicated, cloud-based solution that will be available in the coming weeks. This will be the same intuitive interface as your current Orion Health solution, which will minimise training and adoption requirements. 

For more information contact: info@orionhealth.com