Face Time is a series of short videos that highlight some of our key leaders and their insights on the variety of opportunities they see in their roles at a cutting-edge healthcare tech company.

Through these interviews with internal communications specialist Sanaya Master, we showcase each employee and out Open, Trusted and Courageous values at Orion Health.

This week on Face Time we have Mark Capill, one of Orion Health's longest standing members, Mark is the R&D Commercial Director and part of the R&D leadership team.
In this interview, Mark talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about his role, how things were back in the early days of Orion Health, and the R&D roadmap.

This week on Face Time we have Marnie Wilking, Chief Information Security Officer at Orion Health. Marnie has over fifteen years of technical and managerial experience in Information Security and Financial Services.

In this interview, Marnie discusses her role, why she made the switch to Health IT, and the initiatives she is involved with to encourage women into Security.

Simon Clark is the Director of Program Management at Orion Health. Simon has over 15 years of experience in software delivery and consulting and is also a member of our R&D leadership team.

Greg Balla leads the team responsible for supporting Orion Health's global leaders to attract and engage great talent. His team also leads major change initiatives which support the company’s growth. In this interview, Greg talks to Face Time host Sanaya Master about his role, how he manages his time and what we need to do as a company to be better business partners.