Investor FAQ

  • How old is Orion Health?
  • When did the company start to trade as Orion Health?
  • When did Orion Health list on the NZX?
  • Where can I get information on the company?
  • Who are the members of Orion Health's Board of Directors?
  • Who are Orion Health's independent auditors?
  • When is Orion Health's fiscal year end?
  • How can I access Orion Health's Annual Reports?
  • How can I buy or sell Orion Health shares?
  • Who is Orion Health's share registrar?
  • Who do I contact regarding losat certificates or address changes?
  • Contact info

Orion Health was established in 1993.

After rebranding from Orion Systems, Orion Health began trading under the new name in April 2006.

Orion Health listed on the NZX and ASX in November 2014.

This website should have all the information you need to get a good understanding of our business. There are documents on this Investor site that may be useful to increase your knowledge, such as our Annual Reports and the Initial Public Offering documents from 2014. And you can always pick up the phone and give us a call - one of our team would be happy to have a chat.

You can see information about the Board of Directors here.

PwC is Orion Health's independent registered accounting firm.

Orion Health's fiscal year ends on March 31st.

Our Annual Reports are on the Financials & Reports tab.

Orion Health Group Limited is listed on the NZX Main Board and ASX with the code OHE. Please contact a registered broker to buy or sell shares.

Link Market Services Limited is the world's largest - and only global - share registry, and a leading provider of financial market services and technology to the global securities industry.

Further detailed information about Link Market Services Limited is available on request or by visiting their website at

Please contact Link Market Services, our transfer agent.

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Phone: +64 9 357 5998