Founded in 1993, Orion Health is an award-winning, global provider of healthcare information technology advancing population health and precision medicine solutions for personalised care across the entire health ecosystem.

In the face of growing and aging populations and the rise of chronic diseases, health systems the world over are under strain. As healthcare expenditure continues to rise, the need for innovative solutions that keep people healthy and out of hospital becomes more vital.   

Working in a healthcare sector that is inevitably fragmented, clinicians and caregivers are not empowered with the right information to deliver the best possible care. Technology can change that.  

The age of data-driven decisions, machine learning and artificial intelligence is unquestionably upon us. These advancements enable us to securely connect huge amounts of data and extract valuable insights so we can drive the shift to personalised healthcare. We’re moving to a world where data is enabling clinicians to extract meaningful insights and make more accurate decisions about patient care.

Our purpose at Orion Health is to revolutionise global healthcare so every person has the opportunity to receive the perfect care for them.

We believe that software needs to do more than serve up data, it needs to provide insights in real-time to the people who need it, when they need it. That is why we are building smart software for life – a smart suite of solutions, focused on a digitally enabled and integrated health system, delivering patient-centred healthcare and quality health outcomes that will help clinicians improve care and help patients live a healthier life.

Precision medicine combines all of a person's clinical, social and environmental information to create a personalised health plan that proactively supports targeted care and overall wellness. This has the potential to prevent people from ending up in hospital, by predicting a health issue before it reaches a critical stage.

Orion Health employs 800+ people in 24 offices across 13 countries. Today, our healthcare information technology solutions are implemented in more than 30 countries and facilitate healthcare for more than 100 million patients.

  • The greatest transformation in the healthcare sector will come from the use of technology and the collection and analysis of people’s health data

    Ian McCrae

    Founder and CEO

  • Orion Health plays a really important role in enabling clinicians to improve patient health and patient outcomes

    Marnie Wilking

    CISO, VP Information Assurance

  • We’re solving complex data problems so that clinicians can make the optimal medical decisions for their patients”

    Dries de Jager

    Development Director Platform & Populations