Our Care Coordination Tool (CCT) allows care providers to quickly access their patient’s healthcare information.

We are pleased to announce that CCT has been enhanced to deliver more detailed description of your patient’s ongoing health journey, provide specific next steps, highlight potential risks, and list contact information for the care team – securely and immediately. This makes collaborating with all members of the care team more efficient.


Putting patients first, Health Links, Care Coordination challenges & opportunities, What is CCT, How it works, Benefits for patients and care providers, Patient Stories, Early Results, and What enhancements lie ahead.

Featured Speaker:

Susan Anderson - Managing Director at Orion Health

Susan is an accomplished e-health strategist with more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare informatics. Susan is also a Director on the board of Canada’s Health Informatics Association (COACH), and was previously the Co-Chair of the Executive Director Council for Alberta Health and the Chair for National Community of Interest for EHR Governance. She helped to develop the Professional Certification Examination for Canadian Health Informatics with COACH, which stands as Canada’s most recognized certification of its kind.