“Chronic disease management is the most expensive, fastest growing, and most intractable problem facing healthcare providers in every nation on Earth,” describes Jennifer Bresnick in a Health IT Analytics article.

Research studies have consistently demonstrated that Chronic Care Management (CCM) services such as medication reconciliation, coordination among all care providers, arrangements for social services, and remote patient monitoring reduce the cost of care for chronic disease patients, while also improving their overall health. Historically, these services have not been provided because there has not a reimbursement model that would cover the investments required for effective CCM.

Until now…

Effective January 1, 2015, CMS is reimbursing providers for delivering 20 minutes of non-face to face care management services to their beneficiaries. CMS will reimburse for CCM under CPT Code 99490.

Orion Health has created a complete turnkey solution to coordinate care for your participant organisations’ Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions.

As such, we sponsored a webinar to educate participants on the new CCM reimbursement code and provide an overview of the necessary requirements for reimbursement.

The webinar focused on how the new CCM services can improve patient care coordination while earning revenue for providers (on average $42 per patient per month).

To be reimbursed under the new CCM code, providers must complete multiple technical and process hurtles that most cannot achieve – a perfect opportunity for a turnkey outsourced solution. The Orion Health CCM offering is a comprehensive solution that is scalable and includes both health information exchange and population health management capabilities.

Orion Health has created a comprehensive solution that meets 100% of the CCM requirements and includes care coordination process outsourcing via our partners.

If you missed our recent webinar and want to learn how to enhance patient care and maximise reimbursement with your CCM program, it is now available on demand here.