Precision Medicine is an emerging model of healthcare that combines all information unique to an individual, and identifies prevention and treatment strategies that will be effective for them based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors 

Every step you take towards delivering personalised healthcare is valuable. Orion Health’s end-to-end solution, built on our Amadeus Platform, with integrated real-time analytics, care coordination and patient engagement applications, will future proof your journey. From interoperability, to population health management, and precision medicine – Orion Health has the products and services to help you navigate your path through the shifting sands of the US healthcare paradigm.

Consequently, we have devised what we believe are the seven key stages in the journey to precision medicine – the seven “A's”, as outlined below:

  5. ACT
  6. ADAPT
  7. ADOPT

Humans tend to be deeply resistant to change, and getting everyone to use an integrated system initially, and on an on-going basis, can be a major challenge.

A new era of healthcare

Outcomes-focused healthcare models require a modern open platform to connect and leverage data from multiple systems across the community. Increasingly, healthcare organisations and networks are seeking advice and IT support to put in place the infrastructure required to achieve the level of information sharing modern healthcare requires.

The guidelines and best practices outlined at a high-level in this paper can help provide a roadmap for organisations seeking to chart the course for IT infrastructure development as part of their journey to achieve better health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs, delivering population health management and future proofing themselves to enable Precision Medicine.