Rohan Kulkarni, vice president of strategy and portfolio for Xerox Healthcare Business Group, shared the results of Xerox’s recent survey of over 200 payers and providers in a piece on this week. The results suggest that the industry-wide allaying of fears surrounding value-based care is, in fact, moving at a glacial pace.

Of 200 payers and providers surveyed: 

  • 88 percent noted that less than half of their current contracts are value-based
  • 43 percent admitted that less than 10 percent of their contracts are value-based
  • 83 percent indicated at least some familiarity with the value-based model
  • 67 percent said they were taking a “wait-and-see” approach to the value-based transition
  • 69 percent stated their discomfort with the risks of value-based care
  • 77 percent believe that providers who adopt a value-based model are losing money
  • 83 percent expressed major concerns about the measurement of health outcomes
  • 81 percent related worries about cost containment
  • 80 percent had doubts about providers’ capacities to survive the transition without well-optimised physician networks

Nevertheless, Kulkarni is optimistic about the promise that population health management solutions hold for everyone concerned:

Population Health Management (PHM) will likely be the way forward as a vehicle to minimise risks across stakeholders. While PHM isn’t a new concept, it’s experiencing a resurgence in the healthcare industry, due to the push to tightly control the cost and quality of healthcare delivery.

PHM solutions offer the ability to manage clinical information, roles and workflow functions at every level – from administrative to para-clinical to clinical – and deliver actionable insights that enable payers and providers to improve both clinical and financial outcomes. These solutions help providers adapt to this new way of working by managing the health of patient populations so they are compensated for successful outcomes.

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