Delivers a statewide HIE where healthcare providers can share patient information to deliver population health.

HealthInfoNet is a Maine-based health information services organisation that operates Maine’s statewide health information exchange (HIE), a secure, standardised electronic system where healthcare providers can share important patient health information for treatment purposes to deliver population health management.

The Customer

Established as a result of a feasibility study that found strong support for a new health information network, HealthInfoNet, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organisation, operates Maine’s health information exchange (HIE), a standardised electronic system that gives its users the ability to share patient health information securely. The fee that the HIE’s members pay to participate in the exchange provides HealthInfoNet’s operating capital.

The Challenge

“A non-profit organisation that runs an HIE— that was our vision,” said Shaun Alfreds, chief operating officer, HealthInfoNet. “The non-profit status would give this organisation access to grants and philanthropic donations that would empower it to offer its HIE to more provider groups and win funding for precision medicine/ predictive modeling initiatives.”

To achieve this vision, HealthInfoNet had to be supported by two critical elements. Learn what they are and more in this case study.

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