The North Carolina Health Information Exchange (NC HIE) operates North Carolina’s statewide health information exchange. 

The Customer 

The North Carolina Health Information Exchange (NC HIE) operates North Carolina’s statewide health information exchange. Powered by Orion HealthTM Collaborative Care, a comprehensive care management solution, NC HIE provides a fully-integrated network that supports secure data exchange for healthcare organizations across the state to help reduce medical errors, increase patient safety, comply with healthcare reform, meet reporting requirements, advance care coordination and improve health outcomes.

Strategic Objectives and Directions

Upon its founding in 2010, NC HIE and stakeholders statewide immediately set out
on a mission to build the technical and policy frameworks for a statewide HIE network that would connect as many different healthcare constituents as possible throughout North Carolina. In order
to work towards connecting the entire state, NC HIE implemented Orion Health’s Collaborative Care solution to provide an EHR-agnostic platform that would provide seamless and fully integrated connectivity between NC HIE participating providers. The NC HIE Network went live in 2012 and today, more than 920 participating healthcare sites, including hospitals, physician practices, specialty care practices, health departments, home health agencies and long-term care organizations, are enabled to securely share patient health data.


  • 920 participating sites
  • 35 hospitals
  • 625 primary care providers
  • 210 specialists
  • 50 long-term care organizations


  • 1.482MM unique patients
  • 3,617 physicians participants

To accelerate physician onboarding to the statewide exchange, NC HIE promoted it’s HIE offerings and the benefits of fully coordinated care by developing ambulatory and hospital outreach teams. As NC HIE advanced and moved into different provider segments, more specific outreach resources were allocated to begin awareness and recruitment efforts including targeting behavioral health, oral health, and other types of healthcare providers. These outreach teams participate in speaking engagements and outreach events statewide while leveraging a diverse pool of tailored communication resources and collateral to promote NC HIE service offerings.