"I realised that Rhapsody is one of the best integration solutions out there. We needed to learn it right away, promote it, and be able to support every single Rhapsody installation opportunity that came to us. Period.”

The Customer

A provider of health IT services for both the public and private sectors—including public health agencies, hospitals, physician practices, and pharmaceutical companies—UberOps’ offerings include cloud migration, project management, data integration, and cyber security. Established in 2004, the organisations now serves multiple organisation in the U.S. and throughout the world.

The Challenge

Expensive, clunky, built on old technology, lacking a slick user interface, and not cloud ready—those are just a few of the ways Eduardo “Eddie” Gonzalez Loumiet, CEO, UberOps, described the handful of integration engines for which his organisation provided consulting, implementation, and support services when it first debuted. “There were also some open source solutions,” said Gonzalez Loumiet, “that met some requirements of smaller organisations, but they weren’t user friendly for those who didn’t have a lot of integration experience. That proved problematic when we were bringing our clients’ users up to speed.”

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