Consult is a collection of clinical applications that enable the creation and presentation of managed and trusted clinical information, maximising the provider’s ability to deliver precise patient care.

Available to be rapidly deployed as a stand-alone EMR solution with new clinical systems or components added as required, Consult gives organisations the ability to rapidly respond to new care requirements, and meet growing patient volumes.

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Problem List

Problem List is used to create a reliable, comprehensive, and centralised view of a patient’s health status. Problem List enables flexible management of a wide range of health problem types, including: medical and nursing diagnoses; food, drug and environmental allergies; and procedural events such as organ transplantation. Problem List supports custom code sets and free-text descriptions as well as a range of standardised code sets including: ICD-10, SNOMED CT, and NANDA.

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Consult Screen Clinical Documentation.png

Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation enables the effective and efficient capture of important patient information. Clinicians can create legible, structured, and up-to-date clinical documentation that is readily accessible within the patient’s health record and across the organisation. Clinical Documentation can be used to produce and manage a broad range of patient care documents including: Admission notes, SOAP Notes, Allied Health Notes, Nursing Assessment Forms and Discharge and Transfer of care summaries.

Diagnostic Orders

Consult enables clinicians to rapidly create, change and monitor orders for radiology, laboratory, allied health and ancillary services. Ordering modules deliver service requests to appropriate healthcare workers in a timely manner. Clinician workflow is supported by providing access to a user’s frequently requested items and personal order sets. These can be configured with quick search options and pre-populating patient data fields to speed up the ordering process, enabling hospital staff to devote more time to patient care and facilitate a faster time to treatment.

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