Rhapsody 6.2.2 is the latest Long Term Supported release, with a number of enhancements to accelerate interface development.

Enhanced JavaScript options that work with JSON and HL7 objects, plus a number of bug fixes to improve reliability. Introducing the Intelligent Mapper, designed to help developers adapt to the change that constantly occurs in their healthcare environments. From an EMR upgrade, or a migration to a new application that requires integration. The Intelligent Mapper performs much of the heavy lifting, such as analysis and code generation.

Intelligent Mapper

Building an interface is one of the most complex tasks for a developer, building the business logic to map messages from a source system to the target system. The Intelligent Mapper can simplify this process, by analysing a sample set of HL7 source and target messages. Using matching routines on the data within the messages the Intelligent Mapper determines the business logic required to transform the source message to the target message. It then visualises the analysis with compare reports highlighting the content changes. Developers can easily validate the mapping logic and determine the potential mapping effort required. For each change identified the Intelligent Mapper creates a mapping rule.

Categorisation of each rule, will be with one of the following:

  • Fully mapped - mapping rules that occur in all the messages.
  • Partially mapped - mapping rules that occur in less than the total number of messages.
  • Not mapped - mapping rules that do not meet a certain level of confidence.
  • Custom rules - user-created rules.

Developers review the rules that are partially or not matched and determine whether to override with a custom rule, or accept the most appropriate rule. Once the analysis is complete, the Intelligent Mapper will generate the mapping code executed inside a Rhapsody Route. A PDF report is generated documenting the rule and business logic for the mapping. This can be a major benefit to document legacy interfaces that were developed many years ago. Intelligent mapping ensures data quality and cuts the time of traditional migration and conversion by up to half, reducing cost and risk while increasing continuity of performance.

Benefits of Rhapsody 6.2.2

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