You're invited to join the WDHB User Group.

You'll help give feedback on future Orion Health product designs, related to your specialty. This is an opportunity to influence future products, and make work for your specialty easier and more efficient. Sessions are interactive and fun.

What You’ll Be Doing 

Group Workshops
In these sessions, you get together with a group of colleagues and user experience professionals to create personas, task flows, journey maps and collaborative design sketches.

Onsite Observation 
Observing staff in real situations is hugely valuable to understand processes and finding pain points. Orion Health UX specialists will shadow you on your daily work. They’ll be as unobtrusive as possible, and can step out at any time.

Remote Interactive Feedback
This includes trying out interactive product mockups and reviewing screen designs. Your screen, voice and video can be recorded. Another method is online card sorting and surveys. These sessions help inform feature prioritisation and user persona creation. 

What You Need

Group workshops and observations: just bring yourself!

Remote feedback: you’ll need a computer with a recent version of Google Chrome (50+) installed. You’ll also need the ability to install Chrome browser extensions, which may require support from IT.

How It Works

When and How
Activities are scheduled as needed. You’ll be invited to participate in something every month or two. Session times range from half an hour to half a day.

Getting Invitations
When we’re setting up an activity, you’ll get an email (or instant message) from WDHB or Orion Health with the time and details. You then confirm if you’re available.

12 Month Term
At the end of the year, if you’ve enjoyed the User Group and want to continue, we’ll extend invites and you can put your hand up again.

When Do We Start?
You’ll receive an invite to your first session early next year. 

Any Questions?

If you have any general (or specific!) questions, we’re happy to answer. Get in touch with Robyn, Nicholas, or Mark.

WDHB - Innovation Lead – Robyn Whittaker

Orion Health – Director of UX – Nicholas Tenhue

Orion Health – Business Analyst - Mark Rainford