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First to support FHIR

Orion Health Rhapsody Integration Engine is designed to offer rapid and reliable integration, and can help healthcare organizations achieve a connected solution. Through continuous innovation, Rhapsody provides a comprehensive set of tools to simplify complex healthcare interoperability; for example Rhapsody is the first integration engine to implement the exciting new HL7® FHIR® standard. JSON and HTTP Rest support within Rhapsody routes, can enable organizations to use these generically, and to start implementing FHIR-based interfaces.

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Solution Overview

Orion Health Rhapsody Integration Engine is designed for rapid interoperability between healthcare IT systems, regardless of technology or standards. Rhapsody's proven technology works between different systems and across organizations, providing seamless connectivity between legacy and next-generation health systems. Rhapsody provides fast, reliable connectivity and data sharing within and among hospitals, Health Information Exchanges and public health organizations. Rhapsody is used by organizations globally who rely on it to integrate their healthcare systems and applications.

System Overview

Key Features


The user experience is streamlined to provide rapid and effortless drag-and-drop configuration tools to connect systems. The intelligent monitoring and management tools require less maintenance.


The solution reduces the time spent on day-to-day monitoring and management, while also providing dependable message delivery and helpful troubleshooting tools.


Users can safely and securely transfer sensitive healthcare information between systems and between organizations. For example, there is out-of-the-box support for various secure transport protocols and encryption methods.


Rhapsody has been designed to scale without compromize. As a high-throughput engine, small deployments are supported as well as very large, high-availability configurations.

Connected Solutions

Rhapsody is a healthcare-focused engine utilized by public and private hospitals, health systems, Health Information Exchanges, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), public health departments and federal government organizations. Rhapsody delivers connected solutions, integrating between systems and across organizations.

Key Components


The main messaging service that implements communication.

The Rhapsody engine is the main component of the Rhapsody product. It accepts messages from input systems, processes the messages within the engine, and sends them to output systems. The engine provides secure connectivity, guaranteed message delivery and high message throughput. Message archiving, filtering, routing, translations and queuing all occur according to the engine's configuration. The Rhapsody engine takes care of managing standards required for health data integration; from established protocols to emerging standards like HL7® FHIR®. JSON and HTTP Rest support within Rhapsody routes enables organizations to start implementing FHIR-based interfaces. Rhapsody provides support for a range of protocols and databases, enabling connections and communication to new and old systems. Rhapsody is listed as a class one medical device with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Rhapsody also supports HIPPA and is certified to meet relevant Meaningful Use criteria.

Development Environment (IDE)

An easy-to-learn graphical user interface to configure the functionality of Rhapsody.

The IDE is an application that provides a graphical user interface for the creating and editing of Rhapsody configurations. The IDE enables the interface designer to create, view and modify interface configurations in a graphical drag-and-drop environment. Components are dragged into place from the toolbox of available processing actions (called filters) and connection interfaces (communication points). The IDE automatically generates formatted interface documentation describing the configuration. Custom extensions can be built onto the interfaces using the Rhapsody development kit. This allows users to enhance Rhapsody's built-in capabilities to add value within their specific domains.

Management Console

A web-based application that displays system status and performance.

The Management Console is a web-based application, designed to reduce time spent on day-to-day monitoring and management, while providing dependable message delivery and helpful troubleshooting. It displays information on the system status and state of message processing in the engine. The Management Console highlights issues as they arise, enabling users to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Mobile App

Convenient monitoring capability of the Management Console on a smartphone.

Rhapsody Mobile is a free mobile app for Apple iOS and Android that provides a subset of monitoring capabilities from the Management Console. It provides users with an up-to-the-minute view of the health of the Rhapsody engine and its connected network – anytime, anywhere.


Displays the notifications and system health of multiple Rhapsody engines in a single monitoring-centric view.

Rhapsody Dashboard enables the monitoring of all Rhapsody engines running in development, test and production systems. The dashboard provides a real-time health status and alert function for the engine and links to the Management Console for more detailed information. Rhapsody Dashboard empowers administrators to monitor multiple Rhapsody engines by providing a view of system health at a glance.

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Customer Testimonials

"Rhapsody itself, it's a great integration engine. It does everything that we need it to."

Jerome Foster, Integration Architect, Department of Health, Province of New Brunswick

"I would undoubtedly recommend it as the product for anybody to use, for integration and message brokering."

Chris Taylor, Systems Development Specialist, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

"Rhapsody was the clear choice, being top in functionality, price point and consistency rated as a top solution by KLAS. It was a great process to work with Orion Health and really exciting to see it all come together."

Tom Drury, Manager, Healthcare Technical Services Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR

"Working with Orion Health, we are able to better support our customers to achieve their healthcare IT goals by establishing interoperable health information systems."

Dale Wiggins, CTO Patient Care and Clinical Informatics, Philips Healthcare

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Top-ranked Vendor in Chilmark Research 2014/15

"All in all, Orion Health's product portfolio continues to be one of the leading platforms for HIOs. The focus and goals of enhancements and development closely tracks provider and payer needs and the constantly evolving set of requirements involved in risk-based contracting."

CHILMARK 2014/2015 report on Clinician Network Management

"Orion Health is arguably the most prominent provider of healthcare interoperability globally and a major health information exchange vendor in the U.S"