Over the course of nine days, 24 riders, five of which are from Orion Health, will cover 1,300kms from Melbourne to Sydney with the goal of raising over $500,000 to support Fighting Chance, the charity of choice for Tour De Chance.

Fighting Chance is a not-for-profit charity started by brother and sister Laura and Jordan O'Reilly, who wanted a better life for their brother Shane, who had Cerebral Palsy. Laura and Jordan wanted Shane to have the same opportunities as any other person – to get an education, get a job and live a happy, fulfilled and importantly, more independent life. They knew that Shane and other young adults with disability could remain dependent on their family and the Government, if not given the chance to do meaningful work and contribute to society and the economy – who would want that for their loved one?  So in 2011, Laura and Jordan set up Fighting Chance.


You have the opportunity to make and a difference and help people less fortunate than you by donating to the riders of Tour de Chance. It can be as little as $1, every bit counts!  

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When: 5th November 2016

Where: Cycling 1300km from Melbourne to Sydney

Why: To raise funds for Fighting Chance, helping young adults with disabilities