• HealthOne has been literally a game changer for our health system. More than a million New Zealanders in the South Island now benefit from their key health service providers being better connected.


    General Manager, Allied Health & Innovation - Canterbury District Health Board

  • This was a very challenging project with tight time frames. Integrating clinical work flow with IT functionality is always difficult. Orion Health worked with the team to understand the requirements and developed the solution in an efficient timely manner.


    Technology Lead, Shared Care Services - Canterbury District Health Board

  • Orion Health has been able to bring together all the technical aspects in what is a really complex and difficult area and bring our vision to life. They have been tolerant and patient – and most of all they have listened to what we are trying to achieve. We now have a partner who is embedded with our clinical teams in hospital and primary care and is intuitively working with us to create something that works for both patients and our community.


    CEO - Canterbury District Health Board

  • The Orion Health solution for the Canterbury Medication Management Service is a significant improvement over the previous solutions and has streamlined the documentation process for pharmacists providing the service.


    Clinical Leader - Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group

  • My experience of using the new system is that it is fast, responsive and it works really well. Overall I am really happy with the new product and believe it will positively impact on the implementation of ACP in the Canterbury region.


    Advance Care Planning Facilitator - Canterbury District Health Board

  • As a GP, I spend a lot of time chasing results and playing phone tag with other doctors, but now I have a person’s key health information at my fingertips.


    GP and Clinical Director of Information Systems - Nelson Marlborough DHB

  • By harnessing best practice clinical methodology and innovative IT solutions we’ve been able to achieve a rare triple win – delivering a better service for patients, clinicians, and tax-payers.


    Lay Chair, South West London Pathology

  • We were impressed by Orion Health’s ability to work collaboratively with us during an initial pilot phase and are excited to be proceeding onto the full roll-out phase. The solution will help enable us to deliver better, coordinated care to the entire Fife community.


    General Manager eHealth and IMT, NHS Fife

The Canterbury DHB Story | David Meates, CEO