We are thrilled that Orion Health is a finalist for two categories in the 2016 Hi-Tech Awards; the Hi-Tech Company of the Year and the Innovative Hi-Tech Software product.

The NZ Hi-Tech Awards celebrate New Zealand’s vibrant technology sector and its an honour to be part of this year’s celebrations.

At Orion Health, we are looking to lead a total transformation of healthcare. Our purpose is to revolutionise global healthcare so that every individual receives the perfect care for them. We have launched the Amadeus precision medicine platform specifically for the practice of Precision Medicine – a phenomenon that is expected to change the course of healthcare in the same way that antibiotics, hygiene and vaccinations have in the past

Precision medicine is when all information that is pertinent to a person’s health and wellbeing – clinical, genetic, device (e.g. fitness apps), environmental and lifestyle factors – is combined and made available to the health professional and the patient. This enables them to make the best decisions regarding the patient’s treatment.

As the countdown to the gala dinner on the Awards on May 20 begins, we are incredibly proud to be a New Zealand company, helping to lead our innovative tech sector in the global marketplace. Being a finalist alongside great NZ tech companies, means a lot to everyone at Orion Health. The depth and breath of all these companies is evidence that the New Zealand tech sector is in fine shape and something that we are very proud of.