We are honoured that Orion Health’s NZ Algorithm Hub was named as a finalist under the category of “Public Good” in the 2021 Hi-Tech Awards. This good news was followed by the announcement that members of the NZ Algorithm Hub have been awarded the coveted 2021 Prime Minister’s Science Prize for their involvement with Te Pūnaha Matatini for their contribution to Aotearoa, New Zealand’s globally lauded COVID-19 response. 

New Zealand is the first country to deploy a national algorithm management solution.  

The Hi-tech awards eligibility criteria called for solutions made for not-for-profit / charitable organisations, as well as those made for the public sector such as government, local government, and NGOs. It recognises those whose innovation is firmly focused on improving the lives of the people it serves, without the commercial drivers required for other categories. 

Why was the NZ Algorithm Hub built?

With COVID-19’s emergence in early 2020, Orion Health became involved with supporting key government and healthcare decision-making efforts in scenario modelling and risk prediction. 

New models were emerging quickly, and there was confusion over what to trust, and which scenarios to evaluate. Service providers across New Zealand needed access to trustworthy technology and validated models.

With this in mind, Orion Health designed and built the NZ Algorithm Hub with support from the  COVID-19 innovation acceleration fund. The solution provides the infrastructure, tooling, and resources necessary to support operational modelling and timely information dissemination to the government and healthcare organisations, and professionals. 

Who does the NZ Algorithm Hub serve?

The Hub provides free access to models, algorithms, and risk calculators for healthcare providers and organisations. As new algorithms and models are developed, these can be quickly and safely deployed and made available on the Hub for maximum impact.

The NZ health sector can use the Hub as a central, shared knowledge base of validated algorithms and models.

Ultimately, the Hub is for the citizens of New Zealand, to help ensure equitable access to healthcare and support safe and effective health decision-making from the latest findings from research.

At Orion Health, we are looking to lead a total transformation by revolutionising global healthcare, so that every individual receives the perfect care for them. 

As the countdown to the gala awards dinner on May 28 begins, we are incredibly proud to be a New Zealand company, helping to lead our innovative tech sector in the global marketplace. Being a finalist alongside other great NZ tech companies means a lot to everyone here at Orion Health. The depth and breadth of all these companies in the New Zealand tech sector is something we are proud of. 

If you’d like to know more about the NZ Algorithm Hub, check out our website.