It's that time of year again. When we hoist the beach umbrella, assemble the deck chair, sit in the shade and – with beverage in hand - reflect on the past 12 months.

At Orion Health, we’ve been working steadily on our goal of becoming the Custodian of the World’s Health Records. That’s a pretty ambitious target but we’re confident that our company has the tech, the talent and the determination to succeed.

Our solutions now enable healthcare to over 110 million patients globally. We provide the ability for doctors, nurses, therapists – indeed any healthcare professional with authorisation – to access a patient’s medical record. 

But while we are an ambitious, export-focussed, results-driven company, we haven’t forgotten our roots. In 1993 we began a fascinating series of IT projects for the Auckland District Health Board which involved computerising and connecting all the hospitals in the area.

It marked the beginning of our story, and the start of realising our vision to enabling health professionals to deliver the perfect care for every individual. It’s why we can say we have been caring for your elf (health!) since 1993

This Christmas I will be spending a quiet moment reflecting on where we have got to. But not too long. It’s where Orion Health is headed that most interests me. Watch this space! 

Merry Christmas everyone.