Are you getting the most out of Rhapsody?  The Rhapsody Education Services Team can help.                                                     

The choice to implement Rhapsody Integration Engine is a great decision. Not only is it a proven, high performance integration engine, but it comes with access to a team of specialist education experts who can ensure an ongoing partnership, focusing on staff competency - not just in theory but also in a hands-on, instantly productive sense with Rhapsody Certification.

There are two strands to the Rhapsody Education Program – online and onsite – and these are complimentary and provide those working with Rhapsody, the tools to ensure successful implementation and ongoing functionality within their specific environment. This results in a more competent and qualified workforce with greater capability.

As Michael Boyce, Integration Services Group Manager – Rhapsody Services, puts it “Rhapsody online and onsite education work together to form a complete solution. The online education provides the knowledge of the toolset, and the onsite provides the expertise to effectively build and use Rhapsody in the user's environment.” He spearheads the US Rhapsody Integration Team and has recently overhauled the onsite Rhapsody training to be even more customer centric and bespoke to the specific client’s needs.

Michael says, “One of the things we like to focus on is partnering with our customers to create a whole solution when it comes to services and training – training is the first step in a seamless solution for our clients and their ongoing services engagement.”

The onsite training builds on the online modules of Rhapsody Certification which include Associate, Professional and Expert levels. To gain the most from the Rhapsody Education Program it is recommended that staff undertake the online certification courses provided and build on concepts learned via the onsite training. 

As the Global Education Curriculum Manager, I head up the development of the Rhapsody Certification Programs. It is important to stay current, not only at the time of implementation but also as Rhapsody releases new versions with updated features that help to streamline processes.  It is also useful to train new employees and fill the gaps caused by staff turnover.

Rhapsody Certification gives assurance to management that staff are competent in Rhapsody - not just in theory but also in a hands-on instantly productive sense. There are benefits for employees too in that they have the opportunity to upskill to take on more senior roles; this is a win for the organisation and employee.   

Rhapsody Certification is designed to be undertaken in three distinct stages: 

The first stage is the Rhapsody Associate Certification Program which is designed for people who use Rhapsody and want to improve their understanding of its underlying concepts and to develop their skills in efficient route monitoring and configuration. This enables staff to spend more time on developing system improvements and less on day to day maintenance.  

The second step in certification is the Rhapsody Professional Certification Program which is aimed at users who use Rhapsody full-time and are involved in configuring and operating the Rhapsody environment. Competently building and maintaining a configuration is its main focus which allows the organisation to have a robust system with maximised up-time.  

The final stage is the completion of Rhapsody Expert Level Modules which are available to those who hold Rhapsody Professional Certification. The modules are designed for consultants working independently on a complex site which includes multiple Rhapsody engines and high message throughput. The purpose of this training is to enable consultants to create and configure complex routes and interfaces that will be used to manage an organisation's messaging requirements.

Consultants can select training in one or more of the modules depending on their needs, and the training can be delivered via the Orion Health Academy as a self-paced, on-line course, or through a face-to-face session with an Orion Health Rhapsody expert.  

There are also two other optional courses available to enrol in as well. 

HL7 Basics:

This course provides an introduction to the HL7 version 2 specification. It is designed for people who require a basic understanding of the specification functionality and how they can work with it.

Rhapsody Basic Maintenance:

The Rhapsody Basic Maintenance course is designed for administrators tasked with ensuring the efficient day-to-day running of the application. This course helps with identifying and solving common issues before they could become significant.


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