It is safe to say New Zealand punches well above our weight in the global tech industry. The TIN200 top tech companies in New Zealand hit a new milestone last year of a combined revenue of $10 billion and producing the equivalent of 10% of all NZ exports, demonstrating how we’re at the forefront of innovation.

Techweek aims to put a spotlight on New Zealand’s technology and innovation and provide a platform for all avenues of the industry to showcase their work. With more than 400 events over 9 days, it is bound to be a week full of commentary on issues such as privacy and security of data, and new advancements in development across a wide range of areas. We anticipate insightful debate on setting up for the future as our tech industry continues to experience rapid growth.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern opened Techweek in a newfangled way – as a hologram. Beaming into the ASB Waterfront Theatre, her entrance is a symbol of how significant technology innovation is to New Zealand’s future. Ardern outlined New Zealand’s unique approach to problem-solving through technology, specifically our diverse perspectives and ability to think outside the box.

This week we are looking forward to hearing some of our own talented people and partners speak at the following sessions:

Today in Wellington at 3.15pm Kevin Ross, General Manager of Precision Driven Health and Director of Research at Orion Health, is speaking on a panel titled, ‘How can New Zealand businesses thrive in the digital economy?’ The rapidly changing digital world presents both opportunities and challenges, this event discusses how we can succeed in a digital economy.

We are most looking forward to the Emerging Tech in Health Symposium at Christchurch Airport on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Stella Ward, Executive Director Allied Health, Executive Lead – Innovation & ICT, Canterbury & West Coast District Health Boards, will give a presentation on Tuesday titled, ‘Interoperability, that’s easy for you to say’. Stella will talk to Canterbury’s vision of an integrated health system - the challenges and the successes.

At the same event, Kevin Ross is presenting on a panel about ‘Social license for health data science – an accelerator or brake?’. This will be an extremely interesting discussion about what data sharing will look like in 2030, and Kevin will be explaining the importance of building a network of trust with the public.

On Wednesday there is a tour of Burwood Hospital in Christchurch, where Orion Health together with our partners from Canterbury Health will be demonstrating the HealthOne electronic health record, Health Connect South, SI PICS – an integrated patient administration system and Health Pathways solutions.

Orion Health Communications Director Alex Mercer is also speaking on a panel on Thursday evening in Auckland, ‘Unlocking Growth: Tapping into the rising tide of tech funding’, where Tech CEO and Investor experts share their tips and experience.