NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board use Orion Health technology to create a near-paperless hospital environment.

The Customer

Located in west central Scotland, the publicly NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board was formed in 2006 through the merger of NHS Greater Glasgow and part of NHS Argyll and Clyde. Now the largest health board in the United Kingdom, it delivers services through 35 major hospitals, 10 specialised units and 50 health centres and clinics. General practitioners, dentists, pharmacies, physiotherapists and other health care providers work through these facilities. In all, about 44,000 staff, 1,000 consultants and an additional 1,000 general practitioners care for the health board’s patients.

The Challenge

With the merger, the new board embarked on a series of major building projects to move services from cramped Victorian-era buildings into modern hospitals that could better support 21st-Century medicine. As NHS Scotland’s largest and most ambitious health care modernisation program, Greater Glasgow and Clyde plans to spend £750 million on modernisation over the next six years.

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