The healthcare landscape has rapidly changed in the past few years. Healthcare spend globally has been increasing as a proportion of GDP and the outlook is for further upward pressure due to ageing population and the increased incidence of chronic illness.

Focus in care delivery is shifting from a fee for service model to proactive population health management to achieve the Triple Aim: improve health outcomes, improve healthcare quality and lower healthcare costs.

In the US, healthcare as a percentage of GDP has doubled in the last thirty years. Many developed countries are now spending above 10% of GDP on healthcare.

Fundamental to lowering this enormous cost is an IT infrastructure that will provide the foundation to manage, store and process the volume and velocity of health data, from multiple and growing sources, including claims, clinical, consumer and social data.

The healthcare system of the future requires a solid IT infrastructure today.

With an ageing population, that is also living longer, and with more incidence of chronic disease, we need to focus on improving the efficiency of healthcare spend while improving health outcomes and the patient experience.

This White Paper looks at how robust the HIT systems of the future need to be.

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