• Orion Health partners with 10 of 14 Scotland Health Boards that serve millions of patients across Scotland
  • Orion Health and NextGate have signed a multi-year contract with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria
  • New service Amadeus Intelligence will train machine learning models and use deep learning to produce more accurate predictive analysis for multiple uses
  • Survey of Canadians reveals need for single electronic patient health record

Auckland – March 28, 2018 – In what has been a busy first quarter for the company around the world, Orion Health secured a number of multi-year contracts with key health organisations in North America, Europe and Australia, and delivered a series of exciting new products and services to leverage the healthcare sector’s accelerating shift to cloud technology and precision medicine.

Snapshot of secured contracts (publicly announced)

Last month Orion Health announced a contract to integrate health and social care data across North Scotland. Significant in the fact that Orion Health now partners with 10 of the 14 health boards in Scotland that serve millions of patients across the country. This new partnership will effectively create a single shared care record for the region and by early 2019, clinicians across the North of Scotland will have access to an integrated digital view of a patient’s health and social care data.

The new health and social care portal will increase the amount of data healthcare professionals will be able to see from day one,” said Dr Steve Baguley, clinical director of eHealth for NHS Grampian, one of the 14 health boards in Scotland. “This will help us make better assessments of patients and improve care quality. Clinicians have been involved in helping to shape the new portal and are excited by its possibilities. The data integration will be supported by the establishment of strong information governance and data sharing practices, and a regional board to oversee the process.” 

In Australia, Orion Health and NextGate have signed a multi-year contract with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria to deploy the Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) technology for the Victorian Public Health Sector. Orion Health, NextGate and MKM Health have partnered together to implement NextGate’s MatchMetrix© EMPI, the industry’s market-leading identity management solution for a longitudinal view of data and improved linking of information between organisations.

The Iowa Health Information Network in the United States announced a partnership with the The Koble Group, a Minnesota Health Information Organisation, to share data powered by Orion Health’s Amadeus platform. The partnership will help create a multi-state Health Information Exchange that works to cost-effectively share resources and exchange crucial health information across borders, giving providers access to more complete patient information.

New products and a service using machine learning

In product and services news, Orion Health is leading world-firsts in research using machine learning with the recent launch of Amadeus Intelligence and the delivery of Orion Health’s cloud integration engine, Rhapsody-as-a-Service (RaaS).

“RaaS has customers already migrating to the cloud,” said Ian McCrae. “Combined with advances in security and compliance, healthcare organisations are migrating out of their private data centres to support the next generation of technology for precision medicine and population health. New levels of infrastructure agility and scale provide multiple options for continuous delivery and cost efficiency. Applications that used to take months to deploy can now take just minutes. The cloud makes it much easier to interoperate with the digital healthcare ecosystem, including care partners and consumers.”

The company’s Amadeus cloud platform continues to grow successfully to support new and existing customers, improving health outcomes and continuing innovation in the sector. Amadeus has demonstrated to the health sector how to deliver true interoperability, leveraging the best of modern technology while also creating an open API-based health ecosystem for partners to implement their applications.

Led by ground-breaking research in machine learning by Orion Health and Precision Driven Health, a public private partnership between New Zealand District Health Boards and University of Auckland, Amadeus Intelligence was announced last month at HIMSS18, the world’s largest healthcare conference. The new service uses machine learning to explore meaningful ways to reduce operating costs in the healthcare sector and help clinicians make more accurate decisions at the point of care.

“We’re yet to see the true impact of machine learning on healthcare. It is an exciting time to be in healthcare technology,” said McCrae. “The last decade has been focused on integrating IT systems and capturing massive amounts of information about patients and their environments. The next decade will be to connect all that data and use machine learning for daily healthcare decisions, driving improved care, operational efficiencies and cost effectiveness.”

Unlike most current uses of machine learning in healthcare, Amadeus Intelligence ingests and combines multiple datasets from diverse data sources to predict multiple outcomes – financial, operational and administrative.

 “Tapping into the vast amounts of data available through many different sources – including relevant genomic, socio-economic and behavioural data, information from devices and data based on demographics and climate – will give healthcare organisations access to accurate predictive analytics to reduce operational costs and improve patient care and outcomes.”

An example of recent research from Orion Health and PDH used machine learning techniques in the healthcare sector to reduce hospital readmission. Readmission rates remain a costly challenge for healthcare organisations and by using a breadth of data types and applying machine learning models the research calculated potential savings that were four times higher than current predictive models.  

Survey of Canadians reveals need for single electronic patient health record

A recent survey commissioned by Orion Health revealed nearly one in five Canadians with chronic conditions are experiencing errors in medication. The Orion Health Chronic Care Index, a Leger poll* of 1,551 residents found that nearly one-in-five Canadians with chronic conditions (19%) have experienced medication errors or duplications and 16 percent often undergo unnecessary repeat procedures.

“The findings show that a sizeable portion of Canadians with chronic conditions believe that care providers need better means to share information,” said Dr. Chris Hobson, a family physician with 15 years of experience and the Chief Medical Officer at Orion Health. “For disparate healthcare systems to realise their full value, integration of information across the medical and care community is necessary. A single comprehensive electronic patient health record is a lofty yet attainable goal. This is something that can improve diagnoses and treatment, facilitate healthcare navigation, and bring transparency to healthcare services.”

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NHS (UK) awards digital accreditation for Orion Health’s Rhapsody

Interoperability continues to play a crucial role in the implementation and maintenance of healthcare IT systems. Last month Orion Health UK secured an NHS message service accreditation, the Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) API and is one of the first vendors to do so. MESH is used by most General Practices in the UK to receive test results and messages from hospitals.

Orion Health’s accreditation means that NHS organisations that use the Rhapsody™ Integration Engine can exchange information with other organisations using the MESH API. Three hospitals in Liverpool and a major London hospital have already bought the new functionality to send pathology results and discharge summaries to GPs. This gives healthcare providers a common way to securely communicate and allows the seamless exchange of messages, contributing to the shared vision of connected care.

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