Amadeus Analytics helps healthcare organisations improve patient outcomes, address reporting requirements, and improve the overall cost of care.

Streaming data in real time and leveraging a modern, distributed architecture that processes and stores data in purpose-built patient registries, Amadeus Analytics ensures that at-risk patients can be identified and managed before adverse events occur. Tight integration with Coordinate, the Orion Health care-management application, allows clinicians to identify and stratify at-risk patients and make informed decisions at the point of care. Amadeus Analytics transforms population-health insights into impactful care-management initiatives.

Built on modern, scalable technology, Amadeus aggregates, stores, and makes sense of all forms of data to enable Precision Medicine - transforming healthcare from being about many, to focusing on one. 

Orion Health is paving your journey from Population Health Management to Precision Medicine. Where population health management is the “who,” defining which cohort of patients is high risk and needs particular attention, Precision Medicine is the “what,” enabling the determination of exact prevention and treatment plans that will work for an individual.

Benefits of Amadeus Analytics

Key Features

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Streaming and Computation Engine

This is the core engine responsible for streaming data from primary data sources in Orion Health Amadeus. It is architected on the Spark computation engine and includes the Patient Registries, platformed on the ElasticSearch document database. The Patient Registries are the core secondary data storage model, replicating data from primary data sources in Amadeus in a format appropriate for ad hoc queries and analysis. 

Population Health Explorer

The Population Health Explorer is an application that is used to configure visualizations for: navigating data sets, defining patient cohorts and quality measures, and moving seamlessly from a population view to an individual patient record. Included in the PHE is the Query Builder, which provides analysts with a powerful interface to define patient cohorts that are used in building quality measures, and configuring these measures to dashboards that are the basis of clinical quality and care-coordination programs. All dashboards are interactive and allow users to drill down to patient lists that make up each measure, and to the comprehensive individual longitudinal patient record. 

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