The New Zealand health system faces a number of challenges which require new and innovative ways of delivering health services to improve outcomes and increase care provided in the community.

Much of the information about a patient required for clinicians to make meaningful treatment plans exist outside of current medical systems - the integration of health and social services is essential to better understand people with complex needs and build services around them, and engaging individuals in managing their own health is essential.

New and innovative tools are required to help deliver better care, while balancing the health demands of the population, and evolving healthcare to deliver Precision Medicine – the accumulation of information about an individual to create the perfect healthcare plan for them.

Our open, collaborative solutions provide healthcare professionals with the tools needed to improve quality of care and clinical outcomes, both within the hospital and across the entire health community.

Our fully integrated health system helps to reduce duplication, save time, and improve patient safety, through faster and more efficient sharing of information.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • The HealthOne project vision is for patients and health providers to have access to and contribute to, the patient’s health information in one patient centric view, available at the point of patient care.

    Canterbury District Health Board

    Canterbury District Health Board, Pegasus Health and Orion Health Partner Alliance

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