About the event

Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the field of health informatics, with a focus on events and professional development. Its annual conference is the largest digital health event in New Zealand, and it has an extensive archive of expert presentations on digital health. 

HiNZ members include health sector managers, clinicians, IT experts, industry managers, academics, students, and government personnel. HiNZ builds and strengthens connections between these groups and provides an impartial meeting place for sharing ideas and building knowledge about the use of information and technology in the health sector.

We are pleased to be joined by Jocelyn Palmer, NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit, UK. She will be speaking on the Connecting Care's six years of innovation and evolution. A number of our expert staff will also be speaking on a variety of topics such as machine learning and Virtual Care.  Download the latest programme to ensure you don’t miss any of our thought-provoking sessions.

Come visit us at our Booth (Booth 41 & 42), speak to our experts and see our software in action.

Date: 20th - 22nd November 2019

LocationClaudelands, Hamilton, NZ

We look forward to seeing you there!