The 2019 annual conference will shine a spotlight on how local areas are building important relationships across the system to deliver the NHS long-term plan and population health. 

This event provides an opportunity to showcase the King's Fund’s work and progress in the wider system on three important areas:

  • supporting improvements in health and wellbeing across places and communities
  • promoting better health and care for people with the worst health outcomes
  • ensuring its people and leaders are valued and supported.

Day 1

The first day focuses on supporting improvements in health and wellbeing across places and communities. The agenda brings together work on population health, joining up services and empowering people and communities. Drawing on local examples, it will also explore how the public, private and third sectors can promote better health and care for people with the worst health outcomes.

Day 2

The second day focuses on ensuring the heath and care system’s people and leaders are valued and supported. Building on the King's Fund's Closing the gap report, the event will provide further guidance on our recommended high-impact interventions that, if put into action now, could help tackle the current workforce crisis.

The agenda will bring together work on culture and leadership, along with the work on staffing shortages and workforce – whether it’s in the NHS, social care, voluntary sector or primary and community settings. It will also explore how people working in health and care can make the most of opportunities presented by digital technologies.

Venue: The King's Fund, London, W1G 0AN

Sponsor: Orion Health is sponsoring this event and will be exhibiting over the two days

Day 2 - 9am - 9:45am - Orion Health sponsored breakfast briefing

Dorset Care Record: Better Informed Means Better Care

Andy Hadley, Head of IT Development, NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group and Tony McDougal, Communications Officer, Dorset Care Record/Dorset County Council

The Dorset Care Record went live in 2018, with the ambition of keeping electronic and social care information for the county’s 770,000 residents in one place, making it easier and quicker for health and social care professionals, such as GPs, nurses and social workers to provide people with the right care. In this session, communications and engagement officer Tony McDougal and DCR solution architect/head of IT Development Dorset CCG  Andy Hadley will provide a general update on the DCR’s roll out to date and future plans. They will also touch on how the DCR will also be working with neighbours in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight on the Wessex Care Record as part of the Wessex LHCR. This regional interchange underpins and enables programmes on population health, precision medicine and more.