Founded in 1993, Orion Health is an award-winning, global provider of healthcare information technology advancing population health and precision medicine solutions for personalised care across the entire health community.

Today, all around the world there are vast levels of waste in healthcare and clinicians and caregivers are not empowered with the right information to deliver the best possible care. Our driving purpose at Orion Health is to revolutionise global healthcare so every individual receives the perfect care for them.

With our head office in Auckland, New Zealand, Orion Health employs around 1,200 people in 25 offices across 15 countries. Today our healthcare information technology solutions are implemented in more than 30 countries and used to facilitate healthcare for more than 100 million patients.

Orion Health has launched Amadeus our big data cloud based platform. Amadeus is at the forefront of the new revolution in global healthcare called precision medicine. Precision medicine combines all the clinical, social and environmental information about an individual to create a personalised health plan that proactively supports targeted care and overall wellness.

At Orion Health we believe that software needs to do more than serve up data, it needs to provide insights in real time to the people that need it, when they need it. That is why we are building thinking software for life – a smart suite of applications, built on new generation technology, that will give everyone healthier, happier and longer lives.