Orion Health is a global, award-winning provider of health information technology, advancing population health solutions for the delivery of care across the entire regional and national ecosystems. Founded in 1993, Orion Health’s focus for 30 years has been on delivering software, services and support for health and care organisations that want to empower clinicians and caregivers with the right information to deliver the best possible care. 


We specialise in interoperable technology that seamlessly integrates all forms of patient and citizen data across the entire health and care community and presents that data back to care givers in real time. However, software needs to do more than simply serve up data; it needs to harness the power of this data to deliver effective population health management initiatives. We provide a smart suite of solutions that enable clinicians and care givers to extract meaningful insight from citizen data, plan constructively, collaborate seamlessly and make the best decisions they can about patient care. Delivering patient-centred healthcare that helps citizens to live a healthier life. 

Orion Health employs 500+ people in 20 offices across 13 countries. Our technology is used by hundreds of thousands of clinicians and care givers across the globe to manage the care of more than 100 million patients. With the most widely deployed population health management platform globally; more than 55 large-scale (regional and country-wide) solutions successfully deployed in over 15 countries, we provide the world’s number one health information platform.

  • The greatest transformation in the healthcare sector will come from the use of technology and the collection and analysis of people’s health data

    Ian McCrae

    Founder and CEO