• CIDR revolutionises care of heart failure and, I suspect, other chronic conditions by informing us of investigations, medication changes and discharges from other care providers. It is an essential tool now in the Heart Failure Clinic.


    Consultant Cardiologist, University College London Hospitals - Camden CCG Project

  • By harnessing best practice clinical methodology and innovative IT solutions we’ve been able to achieve a rare triple win – delivering a better service for patients, clinicians, and tax-payers.


    Lay Chair, South West London Pathology

  • The ECR has transformed how we run our clinics and wards. It makes our job of providing the best care we can to patients so much easier – cutting down on the wasted time and effort that we were spending chasing round for the bits of information we need to safely treat our patients.

    Consultant, Ulster Hospital, Dundonald

    Northern Ireland Project

  • Clinical Portal saves me at least 20-30 minutes each day as I only have to go to one place to access all the information I need to manage patient care.


    Clinical Nurse Specialist Urology & Spina Bifida - Temple Street Children's University Hospital Project

  • Rhapsody is our Integration Engine of choice as it is easy to use, provides real time data, is highly flexible and has an unlimited number of uses which has been valuable to us.


    Integration Specialist, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • We were impressed by Orion Health’s ability to work collaboratively with us during an initial pilot phase and are excited to be proceeding onto the full roll-out phase. The solution will help enable us to deliver better, coordinated care to the entire Fife community.


    General Manager eHealth and IMT, NHS Fife

  • Connecting Care is a fab tool for our service & when it is not working we notice a huge difference in our productivity as we have had to call Southmead throughout the day to obtain answers re: admissions & discharges.

    Community Discharge Coordination Centre 

    Connecting Care Project

  • Our cancer care alerts via Rhapsody have enabled us to manage care for cancer patients more effectively and be recognised as a Trust which is leading the way in this area.


    Interface Developer Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

  • It was amazing having this resource over the long weekend. I was able to access information about a patient’s usual insulin regime when she was severely unwell and not able to communicate with us.

    HIV Pharmacist

    North Bristol Trust - Connecting Care Project

  • We are delighted to be leading the way with Patient Portal, which is the first step in allowing patients to get more involved in the care they receive. Patients will be able to access valuable information about their condition and can share this with relatives, carers, or other clinicians to improve the care they receive.


    Head of eHealth, Golden Jubilee National Hospital