The Customer

NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (West Kent CCG) is a body of GPs and other healthcare professionals, responsible for commissioning healthcare services across the West Kent region. This footprint includes 59 practices, 2 acute sites, 4 community hospitals plus a mental health trust with community facilities.

The Challenge

Across the region, patient information existed in a number of systems with no single view. This was leading to problems where health and care providers did not always have access to the right information at the right time to make the best decisions. When the CCG was founded in 2013, their five year “Mapping the Future” strategy identified the need for an electronic shared care plan.

A care plan is an assessment of a person’s care needs – considering health, personal, social, economic, educational, mental health, wishes, ethnic and cultural background and circumstances – with a plan agreed between the care providers and the person (or their legitimate representatives) to address those needs.

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