Our blogs cover a lot of ground and feature the voices of our practitioners and professionals in the field, sharing their thoughts on topics that matter; like patient engagement, the role of big data, accountable care and many others, while maintaining an eye to the future.


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Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Case Studies showcase our solutions in action in health economies both here and around the world. The scope and scale of our work has provided us a wealth of experience which we are glad to share with you. 

White Papers

Where to for our Industry Standards? What is the best approach to take when embarking on an integration project? What is over the horizon? Our White Papers look at interoperability, big data, and the new models of care that are emerging.

White Papers


Our Reports include market research, which has been undertaken by leading market researchers, that outline where the wider industry is headed and what the future of healthcare holds.


Our Webinars are video events where prominent members of our company and our business partners discuss our products and solutions, as well as future trends in the healthcare industry. 

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Gain insight from our customers and some of our own experts. Videos include presentations, events and interviews.

Patient Stories

Every patient is different and every patient has a story, find them collected here.

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