David Bennett is a product visionary who is extremely aligned to our markets, understands global trends in healthcare IT and is connected to our customer needs. As Executive Vice President Product and Strategy, Dave connects our sales requirements to our product development efforts, globally.

What is the most pressing challenge facing Orion Health customers & clients today?

We are seeing global trends in the challenges our clients here in the states are facing today. The current healthcare affordability and accessibility crisis force our risk-bearing clients to adapt to a worldwide systematic shift to prospective population management and to the consumerisation of healthcare.

What does Orion Health do to impact or help this challenge?

We are helping healthcare organisations, governments, and payers with a comprehensive offering of population health software running on one open platform of rich data; a platform that becomes smarter every time it is used. This open approach encourages the creation of a large eco-system of downstream partners that brings to healthcare innovation, data transparency, and optimisation across the entire health system.

Where do you see the future of healthcare?

Big health data is still a popular concept; however, there is considerable evidence that healthcare organisations should enter a new era of health analytics. It's an environment that would combine the best of descriptive and predictive analytics with a blend of big data that would yield insights and decision support in real time, with direct impact on care delivery and population health management. It would allow clinical and administrative workflow automation - freeing physicians, allowing them to re-focus on the human aspect of healthcare.

On a personal note, how do you think we can achieve more accountable care in this country?

It will be difficult. To achieve more accountable care in the US, we need to enable a simplified market-based solution that puts patients at the center and requires transparency of cost and outcomes. It will take a combination of technology to enable highly collaborative proactive care models and the right alignment of incentives to change behavior.

eHealth Initiative, as a multi-stakeholder non-profit, can make a difference within the industry in the following way(s):

Facilitating the improvement of population health and allowing healthcare organisations to be data driven organisations by building a consensus around privacy issues, consent, data control, and who can profit from the use of health data.

It might surprise people to know that...

Accountable care and population health management will be the catalyst to drive the biggest change we have seen in healthcare in over 50 years; it should surpass the EMR market. It will touch all the new aspects of care such as precise medicine, biometrics (consumerisation), proactive community based care, and telemedicine. The concept of cognitive computing will proliferate to support these new models of care.