Bringing disparate patient data together with Orion Health’s Clinical Portal - a key part of the Orion Health Consult product package.

Looking at the bigger picture

NHS Lanarkshire initially had a vision to make clinical information more readily available for the treatment of patients with long-term conditions. However, after going live with a clinical portal, the health board is now making real-time and historical information accessible to healthcare professionals across primary and secondary care settings, facilitating the coordinated care of all patients regardless of condition.

Chasing case notes

Today’s healthcare providers are faced with major technological and organisational challenges in managing historical patient information, especially given the increasing demands of an aging society. So consider a health board with over 550,000 patients, supported by 12,000 staff, across 83 GP practices, 17 community day hospitals and three district general hospitals, then the challenge of getting the right information at the right time, to the right person becomes even more complex. This was the case at NHS Lanarkshire.

Widening the scope

To bring this disparate patient information together, NHS Lanarkshire opted to deploy Orion Health’s Clinical Portal. This provided a means of securing a single source of patient information across all health agencies, to specifically address the often-complex requirements of patients with long-term conditions (LTCs) (which are prevalent in almost 40% of Scotland’s population).

From frustrations to faster access

The integration technology also provided quicker access to information for GPs at the point of care, as Dr Bruce Thomson explains: “If I need to know anything about my patients that is held in a hospital system, I can now go into the portal and look at tests that aren’t necessarily ordered by me, or wouldn’t be sent to me. It means I can proactively search for this information if required.”

Engagement, efficiencies and essential safety

According to Dr Chris Mackintosh, GP, and a member of the project board, creating a complete patient history is an essential development for patient safety: “At an individual patient level this portal is absolutely transformative as you don’t have to transfer a physical bundle of paper from one site to another.”

For the Clinical Portal implementation to be successful it demanded a high level of co-operation from clinicians, an important factor to ensure the system would be fit for purpose and meet NHS Lanarkshire’s requirements.

Looking ahead

For NHS Lanarkshire, the Clinical Portal is a key starting point for transforming care integration and according to Dr Mackintosh the technology “is an enabler for everything else that is happening.”

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