In 2013, eHealth Ontario and OntarioMD implemented Orion Health™ Rhapsody® Integration Engine to roll out the Hospital Report Manager (HRM), an electronic application that enables primary care clinicians and specialists to securely receive patient reports from participating healthcare facilities. 

The Customer

In April 2014, OntarioMD used HRM, powered by Orion’s Rhapsody Integration Engine, to pilot the first add-on feature to HRM: eNotifications – a faster, enhanced notification system which notifies family physicians when a patient has been discharged from the Emergency Department or has become admitted or discharged as an inpatient.

In less than two years, HRM has been a signifcant driver for Ontario’s 85% EMR adoption rate among Ontario community-based family physicians. HRM has helped stem the barrage of paper reports from multiple sending facilities, has reduced paperwork processing and has further encouraged the move to a digital solution that is securely accessible by clinicians across the province. Since its launch, the program’s achievements have grown exponentially.

The development of OntarioMD’s HRM system has opened the door to a variety of future features which can further enhance patient care and information delivery.

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