Orion Health joins forces with Emirates Health Informatics Society to drive development of

United Arab Emirates’ health technology infrastructure

Dubai – 12th May 2015 – Orion Health, a global population health management firm, is to lend its worldwide expertise to support the vision for digital healthcare being led by the newly formed Emirates Health Informatics Society (eHIS) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The eHIS is supporting the UAE’s health initiatives, such as the need for electronic health records, that will help the country best support the needs of its growing population. The society will work in partnership with government and private healthcare providers.

New Zealand-based Orion Health, which has been in the region for over seven years and has delivered health technology across a variety of health systems, will provide industry insight and resources to drive this vision.

“eHIS is creating the platform for health technology innovations in the UAE and beyond,” said Dr Mohammad Al Redha, director, Health Data & Information Analysis Department, Health Policy & Strategy Sector, Dubai Health Authority. “With Orion Health’s expertise, and in collaboration with providers and government, we can create the right environment for digital health to flourish for the country and in time for Expo 2020.”

The eHIS aims to lead the development of the health technology and scientific research foundations to support the UAE’s population health management goals, which will see the country use the latest technology and thinking to build health services to meet the needs of its people. The society is looking to build a national workforce, develop necessary technical standards, promote collaboration and information sharing, and provide scientific advice.

Formed in 2014 by the Emirates Medical Association, eHIS will also look to help with the exchange of scientific ideas and research within and outside the UAE, and support the use of technology as part of healthcare processes and education.  

“Health technology and information sharing are central to the drive to building health services to meet the needs of a population. Pioneers in this field have to think global and act local. With this new arrangement, we can bring our experience from the UAE and health systems across the world to help create the building blocks for innovative digital healthcare,” said Sam Amory, general manager for Orion Health in the Middle East. “Partnership and collaboration will be an essential part of this, and we will work with numerous healthcare providers and suppliers to make this happen.”

For more information, contact:

Sam Amory
General Manager, Orion Health Middle East
Tel:  + 971 501 897 424
Email: sam.amory@orionhealth.com