Orion Health secures place on framework contract to support NHS reform agenda

The company’s place on the Health Systems Support Framework will give NHS and social care organisations faster, cheaper access to internationally proven technology for building integrated care records and population health management.

Orion Health has secured a place on a framework contract that will give health and care organisations easier access to the technology they need to deliver the NHS reform agenda, drawing on best practice from around the world.

The company has secured a place on three lots of the Health Systems Support Framework developed by NHS England to help sustainability and transformation partnerships and integrated care systems to procure integrated care records and the advanced analytics needed for population health management.

James Ormonde, sales director, said: “The aim of the framework is to support the move towards more integrated services and towards risk stratification; using algorithms to identify people at risk of a hospital admission or adverse health outcome, and enrolling them in intervention programmes.

“It is a very positive move, because these ideas offer an opportunity for real change. Too many health and social care services are still delivered in silos. Bringing them together, and making sure they wrap around the individual, will make a huge difference to organisations and to patients.”

Orion Health’s core technology already underpins the Connecting Care programme in Bristol and the South West of England.

It enables 19 health and care organisations to share information with each other, and for clinicians to access key patient information via a portal. More than 11,000 records are now viewed every month by more than 2,000 users, saving time and supporting more integrated care.

The Health Systems Support Framework should make it faster and cheaper for other organisations to procure technology, because much of the work involved in screening organisations and sorting out legal details has already been done.

However, Ormonde said it should also help NHS and social care organisations to tap into work that is happening globally. “The framework has a real focus on examples of good practice from around the world,” he said.

“I think it should make health and care organisations much more aware of what is happening internationally, and how that can be applied to the challenges they are facing.”

In New Zealand, Orion Health’s core technology is used by Canterbury District Health Board. Its shared care record proved vital for delivering care after the 2011 earthquake, and now supports an integrated health and social care system developed for 650,000 people.

In the UK, Orion Health is working with Health and Social Care Northern Ireland to deliver a national health and social care system, to which patients will have access via a portal that is now being trialled with people living with dementia.

It is also working in Glasgow, Dorset and Doncaster on shared care record projects, that make it easier for clinicians and care workers to share information with each other and deliver improved monitoring and support to patients.

Orion Health has secured a place on lot 2a of the Health Systems Support Framework, which covers strategic and implementation support, in partnership with NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit and High Parks Consulting.

It has also secured a place on lot 2b, local health and care record infrastructure, and lots 5a and 5b, which cover informatics, analytics and digital tools to support risk stratification and care coordination and management, in partnership with Imosphere.

The listing on lot 2b is Orion Health’s Amadeus platform; a suite of products that aggregate information from disparate systems, using the Rhapsody Integration Engine, make it visible to clinicians and patients through portals, and support data analysis, care coordination and population health.


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