Conselleria de Sanitat Universal i Salut Pública (Generalitat Valenciana) is the Public Healthcare Provider in the region of Valencia, responsible for care delivery (health promotion, prevention, primary care, acute care, mental and social health) of more than 5 million inhabitants and foreign residents, plus around 6 million tourists per year.

As with many large healthcare organisations, Valencia had a number of disparate information systems they needed to integrate to provide better information to professionals and increase the quality of care, improving organisational efficiency.

Orion Health’s Rhapsody Integration Engine was implemented as part of a long-term integration of software applications for healthcare services across the Valencia region. 24 health areas (with 24 hospitals and 800+ primary care centers across the region) are connected to the Rhapsody integration hub.

“Rhapsody has become a key component of our Information System, managing a huge volume of messages to integrate heterogeneous information systems in the region. This is helping us to be more efficient and answering our professionals’ requests to provide increasingly more demanding and complex patient-centred care delivery, whilst ensuring healthcare system sustainability.” - Carmen Ferrer, CIO. Subdirectora General de Sistemas de Información para la Salud.