Watch this webinar on-demand to gain insight into the Connecting Care Programme 

Connecting Care in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, UK

The Connecting Care Programme is one of the most advanced shared care records in the UK, with health and social care information now shared between 23 organisations plus more than 80 GP practices. First going live in 2013, the past seven years have seen a huge amount of innovation in information sharing and Connecting Care has become a real trailblazer in areas such as interoperability, partnership working and developing a rich source of citizen information.

In this webinar Jocelyn Palmer, Connecting Care Programme Manager runs through the development of the shared care record and its major milestones to date. She then focuses on how Connecting Care has improved care in the community, including through providing a holistic view of a patient to a wide range of clinicians and caregivers across care settings, working with homeless health services and a focus on safeguarding. Jocelyn also provides detail on how Connecting Care has supported a variety of personal health records in the region and the wider ecosystem of digital health solutions.