Machine learning solutions

Delivering end-to-end intelligence support from your raw data to real workflows

Through a suite of tools, we support you to clean, structure and curate data. Evaluate models and algorithms for use with your population and healthcare settings. Develop new models and algorithms tailored to solving your key challenges.


We specialise in risk prediction, forecasting, optimisation, natural language processing and deep learning. By combining your data with leading machine learning, you can leverage the collective wisdom from the treatment of millions of patients for the care of every individual patient. 

With Orion Health’s Algorithm Library you can fast-track your journey to improved outcomes with machine learning. With Machine Learning Manager you can reduce administrative burden and enrich patient records. 

Our Intelligence Services gives you access to a world-class data science team to tackle your most challenging problems and develop solutions tailored to your population and healthcare setting.


Why you'll love our tech

Tune and configure the best local and international algorithms with a pre-coded and ready-to-use set of algorithms, risk scores and predictive models
Extract more value from your existing data with machine learning
Enable safe and ethical use of machine learning in your organisation
Automate and optimise processes such as prioritisation and scheduling
Identify patients most at risk of poor outcomes to support early intervention
Integrate directly with clinical workflows so that intelligent tools are available at the right time

Value our tech delivers

Algorithm Library

  • A curated set of algorithms, risk scores and predictive models that support clinical and operational decision-making, based on leading research.
  • For outcomes such as inpatient readmission risk, selected in partnership with experts.

Store and manage models and algorithms

  • A central platform to host validated models.
  • Versioned repository – making it easy for data scientists and researchers to deploy, monitor and maintain their algorithms, trained models and supporting artefacts.

Govern and monitor across the model life cycle

  • Manage the lifecycle of your algorithms and models and ensure their long-term applicability, accuracy and performance with our robust governance and monitoring tools and practices.

Run models and processes data

Reliable and scalable runtime environment where data can be sent to the relevant algorithm or trained model for processing.

  • On-demand results processing via REST APIs or batch processing via SFTP. This saves significant engineering effort and fast-tracks your operational deployment and use of algorithms.
  • Containerised runtimes allow each model to use the machine learning framework it requires.
  • Zero downtime model updates.

Integrate any algorithm or model with clinical and operational workflows

  • Deploy and integrate any algorithm or model to any system securely using standard APIs.
  • Supports different methods for data processing: on-demand, batch and streaming.
  • Avoid ‘black box’ models and deliver outputs that make sense to users with our interpretable machine learning capabilities.

Intelligence Services

Tailored data science projects delivered by our team of world-class data scientists and
Our engagement services include:

  • Discovery sprint to identify high-value problems – Quick engagement to Identify and define data science use cases with clear outcomes and potential ROI.
  • Maturity assessment and strategy – Review of data science capability to provide a foundation for planning and investment, and concrete recommendations.
  • Data science – Development and evaluation of custom predictive models, algorithms and detailed analyses.
  • Algorithm governance – Advisory services for algorithm governance within your organisation – we can assist you with designing and implementing a robust practice.
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